Prompt: Review the Assessment Project.
What did you learn about what your students know?
I was mainly assessing the knowledge of the material that we had been covering in the second semester. The first part was a visual and aural checklist. I assessed the student’s performance of So What by Miles Davis on the xylophones.
The second part of the assessment project was a C major scale 4 bar reading exercise using the xylophones.
The third part was a quiz about naming the white keys on a keyboard diagram and later on naming the correct finger number of both piano hands.
I used the Word and pictures from the web to make the quiz.
After assessing the students I learned that most of them do not enjoy taking the assessments and may get nervous or stressed out. On the other hand, some students loved taking the quiz. One specific student from 3-Perez, handed in the test and asked to take it again just because he enjoyed it.
I believe my students were doing a whole lot better than last semester up until the point where I thought them. 3 – Perez was showing success in the performance checklist and I would say that about 85 to 90 percent of students passed. I believe that all the hard work put into the teaching was paying off.
Attached is the word document for the Assessment Project: